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Viewing Non-Retina on a Retina screen

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Nowadays, most web developers and designers are typically using a Retina screen while they are creating websites. This means they are viewing their designs and images at a higher pixel density than non-retina capable screens. Other than having a second screen that’s not a high pixel density screen there isn’t an easy way to view a website to see what it looks like on a non-retina screen.

That’s where Blind Browser comes in handy. Blind provides the ability to concurrently with your normal browser to see what your site looks like in 1x resolution. Blind is available for $2.99 in the App Store.

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Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess is a Manager, UI Engineering at Netflix in San Francisco, California. Previously at Evernote. Listen to Ryan on the Front End Happy Hour podcast. He's also the creator of, an online-based arts and culture magazine that focuses on graffiti and tattoo art.

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