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DNS Speed

DNS Prefetching

DNS lookups can be an issue that can make a website slow. DNS Prefetching is a nice new feature that allows the browser to cache domain names before the user tries to access any...

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google and jquery

Let Google Host Your JQuery

At some point you've probably used or seen the link to Google's hosted JQuery file. It's good practice to use Google AJAX Libraries content delivery network to serve jQuery, rather then hosting your own...

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omniture and google tag manager

How to add Omniture to Google Tag Manager

I was recently tasked with implementing SiteCatalyst (Omniture) into Google Tag Manager. As I searched the web for examples of people doing this I realized there wasn't much for documentation on how to successfully...

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An example of placeholder text in search field

HTML5 Placeholder Text in IE

One of the great additions HTML5 has brought us is the ability to simply add placeholder text to our input fields. The placeholder text is displayed in the input box when it is empty...

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