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Example console log of a word of the day and definition

Scraping the Web with Node.js

There are a lot of great APIs available online to get structured data for your applications. Unfortunately not every website or application provides an API. There is a perfect solution for retrieving the data...

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retina non-retina

Viewing Non-Retina on a Retina screen

Nowadays, most web developers and designers are typically using a Retina screen while they are creating websites. This means they are viewing their designs and images at a higher pixel density than non-retina capable...

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Pseudo-classes you should be using today

A pseudo-class is used to define a unique style to a state of an element. There are commonly used pseudo-classes used in every project. Typical pseudo-classes you tend to see are hover, focus, and...

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Falcor is now open source

In parallel, Facebook and Netflix have been working on two similar solutions for the common problem of dealing with complex data structures. Facebook has been building their solution, GraphQL Relay and Netflix has been...

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