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Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

Global Accessibility Awareness Day was created to help build awareness for digital accessibility. One of the best ways to help improve your website or app for accessibility is understanding what to look for.

I encourgage all designers and developers to take some time out of their day to test your websites or websites you frequently use for accessibility. Using a screen reader on your website is always a great way to understand how a blind user interacts with your website. Another great way is just navigating your website without a mouse. Are you able to use just the keyboard? There are a lot of other great ways to participate and test for accessibility listed on the Global Accessibility Awareness Day website.

To help celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day and learn more about accessibility I’d also recommend listening to the latest episode of the Front End Happy Hour podcast. The episode features the guest Jennison Asuncion, who’s an accessibility lead at LinkedIn. He provides a lot of great material to learn about accessibility.

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Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess is a Manager, UI Engineering at Netflix in San Francisco, California. Previously at Evernote. Listen to Ryan on the Front End Happy Hour podcast. He's also the creator of, an online-based arts and culture magazine that focuses on graffiti and tattoo art.

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