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Essential Gulp Tasks to Automate your Build


Gulp is an extremely useful build tool for frontend development. The task runner, build tool creates a powerful automated development workflow and prevents repetition. Gulp allows you to compile Sass files, minify and compress JavaScript files and much more. One of the main benefits for using Gulp is that it’s a streaming build system which doesn’t write temp files.

What makes Gulp really useful, is the large number of open source tasks that will help get your automated build up and running today. This is a list of essential Gulp tasks you’ll want to start using in your next project.





Unit tests



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Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess is a Manager, UI Engineering at Netflix in San Francisco, California. Previously at Evernote. Listen to Ryan on the Front End Happy Hour podcast. He's also the creator of, an online-based arts and culture magazine that focuses on graffiti and tattoo art.

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