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Console Error in IE

Prevent Console.log Errors in IE

Console.log is a handy debugging feature for JavaScript that works in browser tools like Firebug and Chrome Developer Tool. Console.log gives you the ability to log values or instances to the browsers console to...

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apple keyboard

How to create a skip navigation link

At some point you’ve probably come across the recommendation of creating a “skip to content” or “skip navigation” link for accessibility purposes. The reason for creating a skip link is to give the user...

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a wirefram showing perfectly aligned site elements

The real world isn’t perfectly aligned

When Designing a site for a client, it’s really tempting to perfectly align all your content blocks to make everything look nice and clean. Unfortunately, content in the real world isn’t always X-number of...

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Tab soda can

Keeping Tabs – Spot your :focus

We touched on this in a previous article, but in the interest of tl;dr, we’ll mention this again. An easy way to test the focus of your page is this: Load your page and...

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