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10 Development Podcasts Worth Listening To

Over the years, podcasts have become more and more popular. In the development community, podcasts are a great way to stay up to date with the current trends and latest technologies. There are a lot of great podcasts available to check out, this is a list of 10 interesting ones to start listening to.

javascript jabber podcast logoJavaScript Jabber – Is a weekly podcast that focuses topics on JavaScript, including Node.js, front-end technologies, careers and more. The show typically has a similar panel of interviewers with guests who come on the show to talk about a certain topic.
shop talk show logoShop Talk – Is a podcast focusing on front-end development, starring Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier. The format of the show can vary between episodes, sometimes Dave and Chris will be joined by guests, as well as answering questions from listeners of the show.
nodeup logoNode Up – Is a podcast put together by Jordan Muir, and hosted by Tim Oxley and Rod Vagg. The show focuses on topics around the Node.js community and it’s technologies.
the changelog show logoThe Changeling – Is a weekly podcast with a new episode available every Friday. The show focuses a wide variety of development and open source topics including: JavaScript, Ruby, performance, conferences and more.
Front End Happy Hour podcast logoFront End Happy Hour – Is a podcast where a panel of front end engineers from comapnies like Netflix, Evernote and LinkedIn talk about front end development over drinks.
responsive web design podcastResponsive Web Design – Is a show focusing on responsive web design, hosted by Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte. In each episode, Karen and Ethan have guests on the show to interview them on how they make responsive redesigns happen.
the big web show logoThe Big Web Show – Is a podcast hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman and features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more.
boagworld show logoBoagworld – Is a weekly podcast with a new episode available every Thursday. The show is hosted by Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington who are joined by a variety of guests to discuss a range of web design related topics.
the web aheadThe Web Ahead – Is a podcast, hosted by Jen Simmons, with conversations with world experts on changing technologies and future of the web.
fivejs logoFiveJS – Is a weekly podcast with five minute episodes focusing on what’s new in the world of JavaScript. The show covers various topics including: JavaScript frameworks, tools, conferences, and more.

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Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess is a Manager, UI Engineering at Netflix in San Francisco, California. Previously at Evernote. Listen to Ryan on the Front End Happy Hour podcast. He's also the creator of, an online-based arts and culture magazine that focuses on graffiti and tattoo art.

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