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Development Webpack vs. Browserify

Webpack vs. Browserify0

Webpack and Browserify have both been extremely powerful tools for modern frontend development. Both have created a way to bundle JavaScript and use CommonJS to require modules. This has been helpful to keep a...

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The Power of SVG0

SVGs have been around for a long time, but never made it into the web due to the lack of browser support. With old browsers dying off, scalable vector graphics are making a come...

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Tools Grunt SassyClean

Grunt SassyClean0

CSS-preprosesors like Sass or Less are extremely powerful and useful when architecting a project’s CSS. While working at Evernote we used an approach in our Sass architecture that was similar to the SMACSS methodology....

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Development Useful Bash Shell Aliases

Useful Bash Shell Aliases0

Working in command line can be very useful in your workflow. Using alias can make typing commands that much faster and easier. Aliases can run commands or groups of commands from a single word....

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